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Weight Loss

Medically assisted options, such as, semaglutide, tirzepatide, phentermine, and Contrave for those who struggle to lose weight with diet and exercise alone.

Initial Consult

Review your history, past successes, establish goals, complete blood work, and review various weight loss medications and methods available

Lab Follow-up

Review labs, discuss how best to optimize weight loss for your body's needs with medications and/or supplements

Weekly Checks

Meet in-person or via telemedicine, to check progress, review goals, adjust medication dose

White Sheet

Direct Primary Care


Unlimited Visits

Appointments available either same-day or within 24 hours,

via telehealth or in-person.

You have access to your provider as often as you need.


Improved Care 

Low monthly membership offers enhanced access, without copays. Fewer patient panel means improved quality of care by focusing my attention and time to create an individualized care plan



Convenient hours all days of the week take the stress out of having to take time off work to see a traditional provider. As an added benefit, I draw labs, as needed, at time of appointment.  

White Sheet

Men's Health

Erectile Dysfunction

Typically caused by insufficient blood flow to maintain an erection. Tobacco use, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, low testosterone, and obesity can be a few causes. 

Low Testosterone

Aging, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, sleep apnea, trauma are a few causes of hypogonadism. Symptoms can include decreased libido, depression, fatigue, loss of muscle mass. 

White Sheet

Vitamin Therapy


B12 & B Complex

Essential vitamin to boost energy levels, decrease fatigue, aids in forming new red blood cells in our body, supplement your weight loss regimen to enhance weight loss. 

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Vitamin D

Fat-soluble vitamin that can regulate mood, decrease brain fog and depressive symptoms, support weight loss, improve bone health

Egg Delivery

Lipotropic MIC

Fat burner injections with methionine, inositol, and choline to increases energy and aids in fat loss when added to your weight loss regimen

I shot this after a huge clear out of my


Promotes hair growth, improve skin, improve thickness of nails

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Immunity Shot

Injections to help with deficiencies, improve fatigue, and boost immune system. Injections contain glutathione, vitamin C, zinc, and antioxidants. 

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